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what is Pluggedpr

Pluggedpr is an e-commerce website for a wide range of products. We specialize in selling products online to a targeted audience by acquiring a group of vendors that sell their products through our platform. Providing a modern day retail experience with a strategic approach to seek  growth in conjunction with our partners (vendors).

Pluggedpr Benefits


how Pluggedpr works

1- Click:  Register as vendor

                                     2- Fill out the required fields in the application

                 3- Create a profile for your company.

                                      (Upload your logo so we may promote you in the platform )

4-  Upload products by :

  •      --> Uploading an image of the product

  • --> Setting the price of the product

  •                                                   -->Give a detailed description of the item you intend to sell.

                                                                 5- Receive a notification when your product has been purchased

Effects on your brand/company & why join

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Attracting the Target audience


create a profile in under 10 minutes & start selling now

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