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Our policies and conditions apply to all of the services provided by Plugged.

Privacy Policy

*By accepting our Privacy Policy you’re also accepting our Terms and Conditions*

At Plugged we understand the importance of your privacy and we are committed to protect it. We will use your information responsibly to create a better user. This policy describes what data is collected to improve the website’s performance.

  1. Information Collection

Plugged is fully responsible of the usage of your information. The information is collected during registration or when the user provides the information in any our our services. In order to use our services it is a requirement that you accept our policy and provide the necessary information. Providing false information can cause a suspension from our services.

Data collected:

  • Name and Last Name
  • Contact Information (Address, Phone Number, Email)
  • Store Name (for vendors)
  • IP Address
  • Device Information
  • Transactions
  • Geolocation
  • Bank Account Information
  1. Information Use

It is essential to collect this data in order to personalize your experience. By giving your information your experience will become more secure and you’ll have access to all of our functionalities.

The information will be used to:

  • Provide the services offered in our platform
  • Improve our services and the user experience continuously
  • Detect fraud and protect our users
  • Protect the user’s rights
  1. Sharing Information:

     Your information is really important, therefore the data collected by Plugged will stay confidential and won’t be sold or shared outside our terms. General information will be shared on the website in order to create a better environment between buyers and sellers.

The information might be shared with:

  • The counter-party of the transaction
  • Commercial Allies
  • Service Providers
  • Public Authorities
  • Dispute Cases
  • Users and general visitors (we are not responsible of third parties sharing general information)
  1. Information Storing Period

The data we collect will only be stored during the necessary period until the purpose of the usage is fulfilled. This is kept for regulatory and legal purposes.

  1. User Responsibility

Plugged is fully compromised in maintaining confidentiality and protecting your data. Therefore, we expect that the user saves their login credentials and if they suspect someone has their account is the user’s responsibility to change their password in their account settings.

  1. Minors of Age

Our services are only available for those with the legal capacity to contract according to the applicable regulations.

  1. Information Use by Other Users

Plugged allows access to a limited amount of data (Names, Other Contact Information, And Information for Transactions) to other users. Other users cannot share your information without consent. When a vendor receives personal information from customers, he is responsible to follow the rules. The vendor must only use this information to make transactions and use it within our services and any other reason that has been legally stated before.

We do not support spamming in our services. This conduct is prohibited at Plugged.

We do not control what messages and what content is shared across different sites, therefore we have no responsibility against the damages this may cause.

Plugged is not responsible for the use of anything shared, and if there were any conflicts because of these we are free of any responsibility.

  1. Cookies, Ads, and Other Technologies

The user recognizes and accepts that Plugged might use cookies and similar technology to       improve the user experience. The information shared is used to personalize the experience and see behaviors of page visitors. This helps us provide you the best content possible like ads, commercials, offers, etc. It also helps increase your privacy security. If the user doesn’t agree it is their responsibility to turn off these services in your browser’s settings. Plugged has no control over other website links across the website and are not responsible for any damages caused by this.

  1. Changes in Privacy Policy

If we were to make any changes to our policies and conditions, we would contact the user beforehand to notice the change and if they don’t accept the new terms is their responsibility to opt out of our services.

  1. Policy Conflict

In case of any conflict or concern with our policy contact us and necessary actions will be taken.


The user recognizes and accepts that the subscriptions provided are monthly recurring payments and can be cancelled in their account settings at any time. These can also be upgraded and downgraded.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Information Privacy

It is mandatory to complete our registration with valid information in order to use our services. The user must provide the necessary details with exactitude. Plugged is not responsible for the certainty of data across users. The user can access their personal account by using the username and password. It is user’s responsibility to maintain this information confidential and for all the operations made in the personal account. Plugged may reject a registration or cancel an existing one without communicating it to the user.

  1. Licenses

The user authorizes Plugged to utilize, publish, and or adapt images used in publications, commercial name, logos, designs, and product information. The user must provide product images, brand, and actualized information on the product. The user declares and guarantees that they have proprietary licenses on images, products, and information shared through the website. The user is responsible for having legal requirements and for any infractions.

  1. Vendor Obligations

The vendor must have the legal capacity to sell products. Likewise, they must comply with all the regulations, registries, permits, and legal obligations associated with the goods offered. Vendors will receive records of purchases from customers. If a vendor has a high cancellation rate Plugged may suspend or terminate their services.

Vendors obligation ( Shipping)

At all moments when a product is purchased the vendor will have a maximum of 3 days to ship the product from the day it was sold. If a vendor does not abide by this rule the product will be refunded and at the 3rd occurrence the vendor will be banned from selling items though out platform.  


The vendor is responsible and fully liable for processing and fulfilling the order. Vendors are also fully responsible for shipping rates and must be specified on every product. When an order is received the vendor must ship the product within 1-3 business days. The vendor is also responsible for processing all customer complaints, cancellations, refunds, and price adjustments. Product price must be noncompete, meaning that prices have to be equal as they are in any other place being sold.


Vendors will have access to their total sales and will be able to transfer the funds into their bank accounts. Funds will be withheld for a period of 7 days after the customer receives the order from the vendor. Then the funds will be available for withdrawal and depending on the membership plan a certain amount already stated in the agreement will be subtracted from the withdrawal to cover transaction costs. The customer will have up 60 days to make any claim.

Commissions and Billing

Vendors must have a membership plan in order to use our services. These include variable pricing with different features and specific commission rates used to cover transaction fees. All plans use recurring payments and can be cancelled at any time in the account settings. The vendor accepts to pay the recurring payments and pay the commission stated on the plan. If the vendor fails to do so, Plugged will take the necessary action to fix the issue.

  1. Responsibilities

Plugged is an intermediary between vendors and consumers allowing them to make transactions. We are not proprietary of the products sold in our website, therefore Plugged is not responsible product related inquiries. Since we are not directly involved in transactions, we are not responsible for any damages caused. The vendor is fully responsible for the legitimacy, quality, condition, existence or integrity of products. Plugged will not be responsible for the effective fulfillment of obligations by the vendor.

5. Invoices 

Due to our limited resourses we have not been able to perfect the invoices automatically. It has lead us to make them manually. in case your do not receive them automatically  you will have to order it by email with the order number . this will allow us to completely and to the best of our ability provide a better and accurate invoice.